Google Nest Aware: Only one subscription for all cameras, instead of each one individually

Google Nest Aware: Nur noch ein Abo für alle Kameras, statt für jede einzeln

Google Nest Aware: Only one subscription for all cameras, instead of each one individually

Google not only unveiled new hardware with Pixel 4 (XL), Nest Mini, Nest WiFi and Pixel Buds yesterday, but also announced a revised subscription structure for Nest Aware in early 2020. Nest Aware is Cloud's subscription to cloud storage and security features for Google's Nest cameras.

Previously, for each camera that a user uses and wants to be able to call not only the livestream of the camera via a smartphone or tablet, but also to be able to fall back on a video history, video recordings and intelligent warnings, had to complete its own subscription. Depending on the storage duration of the video history, this last cost at least 5 euros per month for the first camera or 50 euros in the annual subscription with a 5-day storage period. Although Google grants a 50 percent discount on every subscription for each additional camera under the same Google Account, the annual follow-up costs are still huge when using multiple cameras, as ComputerBase has already stated in the Nest Cam Outdoor and Indoor 2017 test.

Two subscription options for 5 or 10 euros a month for all cameras

With the new subscription model, which is expected in early 2020, the number of cameras used no longer plays a role. In addition, there will be only two instead of three options when choosing the storage duration. Instead of 5, 10 or 30 days of video history, the subscription will now offer 30 or 60 days of event-based recordings, and the more expensive Nest Aware Plus an additional 10 days of continuous video recording. Nest Aware with 5 days of event-based recordings costs $ 5 a month or $ 50 in an annual subscription, Nest Aware Plus with 60 days of event-based and 10-day continuous recordings for $ 10 a month or $ 100 a year.

Continuous video only in the more expensive subscription

Only the more expensive subscription will henceforth offer continuous video recordings in the cloud. The cheaper subscription for 5 Euro per month thus offers a longer event-based recording, but no more 5-day continuous recording. Owners of only one camera could consider this as a deterioration, users of multiple cameras, however, benefit from significantly lower costs. Customers of the previous subscription structure, however, can remain with the old subscription model. They are free to switch to the new pricing structure. However, once the change has been made, it is no longer possible to switch back to the old subscription. A FAQ answers further questions about the new Nest Aware.

Google has not yet specified an exact date for the new subscription model, but says that it will be available in early 2020 in all 19 countries where Nest Aware is offered.


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