Google Nest is committed to limiting user privileges in the privacy focus

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With the development of technology, the control of our smart devices on our data is a matter of serious debate. Mostly mobile devices can listen to and listen to users in accordance with the given permissions, bringing with them privacy and security concerns. But Google hardware manager Rishi Chandra says the relationship between the user and the product will change.

Particularly when smart devices such as Nest and Portal are located in homes, offices and on the streets, the limits of user privacy begin to become uncertain. Chandra comments on:

We are trying to clarify whether you are the owner of this product or a friend or a guest coming home. When you enter someone's home, it's hard not to sign a Terms of Service. That's why we have to be very clear about how our products work.

With the new Nest Hub Max announced in Google I / O, the Nest series's approach to user privacy, which features features such as a smart thermostat and a video camera, is on the agenda. Because products like Nest lead to difficulties in protecting other users' own data and privacy.

While users may have a say on the smart devices they use, they may not have a detailed knowledge of what data devices such as Nest collect when they are guests in another person's home. In this respect, the data on the data belongs to the company that produces the device rather than the people.

Chandra, Nest's Product Vice President, is aware of the fact that the concept of secrecy can lead to new problems as well as users' personal devices. For this reason, the company has issued a new commitment to privacy related to smart home appliances and services.

Chandra draws attention to the importance of consistency in product design for the technological devices used in public spaces to gain the trust of users. Işı The camera of the device automatically turns on green light to alert users when it's recording,. He says. This green light is found in all Nest devices, Chandra, on the other hand, the other products are also available to turn off this light setting. At this point, Chandra adds that they will not include such settings in future products:

Some of them make us rethink the decisions we've made in the past. In the future, we will not allow the owner of the product to dictate how our products work or how our products are understood by other people.

Apparently; For some time, the legal struggles against the technology giants in the US focused on user privacy and data security began to bear fruit. Remember, in February, Google placed a microphone in Nest Secure products, but it was revealed that users do not know about this microphone. Chandra said that this was a good reminder of the user's trust and that they had increased their responsibility for privacy.

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