Google smartphone: The first pixel gets a last update in December

Google-Smartphone: Das erste Pixel erhält im Dezember ein letztes Update

Google smartphone: The first pixel gets a last update in December

With the recent distribution of the November security patches for Android, owners of the first generation of pixels (test) seemed to go out of their way. Concretely referring to November, this is true, but should be made up in December with a final patch before the Android support expires as previously announced.

Google's Nexus smartphones and tablets have not received Android updates and security patches since November of last year. Now, for the first time pixel smartphones are affected by Google's temporary software support, which is up to three years then and now. The Pixel and Pixel XL released in October 2016 did not receive Android security patches for the first time in November.

The November update was out

This step is not surprising by Google, he had been announced with a long lead time in the support area of ​​the manufacturer. Security updates are only guaranteed until October 2019, according to the list. Nevertheless, the missing update with recent patches over the last few days made for some headlines.

Cumulative patch in December

Across from The Verge Google has now made it clear that the first pixel generation will indeed run out this month, but in December for the last time to be provided with updates. The December update is to contain a number of patches from the current month as well as from November. Subsequently, Google will cease to provide software support for the first generation of pixels.

Android 10 also for the first pixel

That Google's support document lists only guaranteed minimum data, shows the distributed for the first pixel generation update to Android 10. For originally, the support for version updates should have expired in October 2018, only security patches were one year longer assured.

For so long pixel smartphones get updates

Pixel 4 will receive software support until October 2022

While the first pixel for Android version updates was backed by two years of guaranteed support and a three-year guaranteed patch for security patches, Google has aligned support periods with Pixel 2 and newer smartphones for three years each. Pixel 2 is running support for both types of updates in October 2020, Pixel 3 in October 2021, Pixel 3a in May 2022, and the current Pixel 4 (test) in October 2022, shortly after the release of Android 13.

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