Google will develop the game for the Stadia platform!

Google will develop the game for the Stadia platform!

Google's position as a cloud-based game subscription service Stadiafrom Turkey in March last year. we mentioned. In the first place Available in 14 countries game subscription service will be available on November 19.Made By Google 2019“event.

As you know Google is not a game developer. For this reason, it was expected that the games of 3rd party game developers would take place in the Stadia platform. Today Google made a statement about this topic, a platform for the Stadia platform game studio announced. In the game studio founded by Google, games will be developed for Stadia, a cloud-based game subscription service.

In short, Google, like Netflix, will produce original content for its own service. Canada's Montreal is known for its “Assassin's Creed” games. Jade Raymond Was introduced. Adding that the established Stadia game studio will not be the only game studio to be established by Google.

Google has made plans for Stadia and the game industry, and for future Stadia more game studio establish whether also shared. Let's add that there is no explanation about when, where to install the game studios to be installed and the games to be developed.

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