Google will produce a search engine that analyzes millions of health records

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Prepared to receive a $ 3 trillion share of the healthcare industry, Google has begun collaborating with healthcare providers in the search engine field. Announcing its partnership with Ascension, the second largest health system in the United States, Google has begun to access personal health data sets to provide health care providers with tools based on artificial intelligence. .

Nightingale project, this work, Google took place after the acquisition of Fitbit. If you remember correctly, we interpreted the company's acquisition of Fitbit as a reinforcement of its presence in the clothing technology market with a good brand of product. We also indicated that Google could use Fitbit's health data for ads.

This new collaboration confirmed the assertion that the company would create a search engine similar to Google Flights so that doctors could easily find patient records. Although the partnership agreement appears in the report on Google's results in July, it was clarified for the first time.

Google announced in an announcement that the agreement was in accordance with the HIPAA regulations:

"Ascension data may only be used for other purposes than to provide such contracted services, and patient data may not and will not be combined with Google's consumer data."

In its announcement, Ascension announced that this partnership was aimed at discovering applications in artificial intelligence that would help improve clinical quality and patient safety.

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