Great Britain: Loot boxes are not a game of chance by law

Großbritannien: Beuteboxen sind laut Gesetz kein Glücksspiel

Great Britain: Loot boxes are not a game of chance by law
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The Gambling Authority in the UK does not monitor loot boxes, a representative told members of parliament. According to current legislation, it is not gambling, because to do so, the contents of loot boxes must be exchanged into common currency or be themselves.

Both are not the case in games, where publishers consciously but differently explore this limit. A trade in FIFA is about completely impossible, Valve, however, allows the sale of skins from Counter-Strike on the Steam marketplace, where there is no possibility to withdraw credits. In the Netherlands and Belgium, however, authorities have come to other conclusions. This was possible because the laws in both countries do not require a necessarily monetary gain; the gain in the emotional or social area is sufficient for the classification as gambling.

Look at children and third-party providers

The agency is aware of the existence of third party vendors who provide this capability BBC, The publisher EA is constantly fighting against such unauthorized trading, said an employee of the authority, for which there is no doubt a demand. The publisher is one of the most stubborn defenders of the Lootboxen and had them declared before a British committee as a “surprise mechanics”.

The head of the Gambling Commission also admitted that it was “significant concerns“Regarding children who play games with elements of purchase and chance. However, there are other examples of things that are similar to gambling, but they are not by law, such as certain types of contests. This was preceded by reports from the BBC about cases in which children, without their parents' knowledge, spent four-figure sums on loot boxes, which could at least be indicative of potential addictions.

Attention remains

The examination of the prey box mechanism announced last year by 15 authorities has not led to any changes to the status quo. It becomes clear, however, that the subject continues to receive attention and is not tacitly forgotten.

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