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Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam

Thanks to our smart phones, we have all become photographers. Immortalizing every moment and sharing with our friends through our social media accounts has become one of the most common things we do in daily life. As such, many mobile applications have been developed to enable people to take better quality photographs. Here is Slow Shutter Glass, it comes at the beginning of mobile applications. So, what is the difference of this Slow Shutter Cam from other applications?

Slow Shutter Cam is an indispensable application especially for those who like to take a night shot. It allows you to capture beautiful photo frames even where the light source is not enough.

Slow Shutter Cam ipad

Slow Shutter You can fix your device to a place with a tripod to use the Cam application in a healthy way. Because this application is not just a photo frame, it captures more than one frame. By combining the captured frames under a single photo, the images are perfect.

Slow Shutter Cam offers many different settings within the mobile app. Shutter Speed, which is included in the settings, allows you to set the shooting speed. You can make your shots by using the options available here. Sensitivity helps you adjust the sensitivity level. Here, 1 offers the most precise shooting mode.

With the Low Shutter Cam app you are offered 3 different modes for better shooting. Motion Blur mode; Allows you to add blur to your photos. For example, you can use this mode to take a waterfall photo. Light Trail mode allows you to capture moving lights. For example, you can take a moving vehicle or a firework display with this mode. Low Light mode can be used when there is low light in the environment.

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