HBO Max: Warner announces its own streaming service

HBO Max: Warner kündigt eigenen Streaming-Dienst an

WarnerMedia announces its own streaming service and wants to compete with the established top dogs such as Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime with known content and in-house productions. Successful series like Game of Thrones, Westworld and The Sopranos as well as classics like Friends are part of HBO Max's offer.

Own productions already commissioned

In the style of Netflix Originals WarnerMedia will also be using HBO Max to produce its own exclusive productions Max Originals, to offer. As the company announced, much of this exclusive content has already been commissioned by the respective studios. Some of these titles are already well known, including the science fiction title “Dune: The Sisterhood” based on the book by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, “Tokyo Vice” starring Ansel Elgort in the lead role and a series adaptation of the horror -Klassikers Gremlins from the year 1984.

A variety of classics

In addition to all current and upcoming HBO productions HBO Max is mainly to offer popular series from days gone by. For example, the hit series “Friends” will change to HBO Max with a total of 236 episodes from Netflix and will be available exclusively from WarnerMedia's new streaming service from 2020 onwards. Netflix immediately prompted a statement via Twitter.

From the category TV classic HBO also announced all episodes of the popular in Germany 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with 148 episodes and Pretty Little Liars with 160 episodes.

HBO brings Hollywood on board

As the company announced, HBO could already agree with the producer Greg Berlanti and the Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon on a cooperation. It also includes all WarnerMedia group Hollywood blockbusters, including Warner Bros, DC and New Line Cinema productions, Cartoon Networks animation programs, TNT and TBS series, Boomerang children's programming and all CNN productions. Robert Greenblatt, head of WarnerMedia Entertainment, is convinced that he will be able to offer the largest streaming offering on the market so far.

HBO Max will bring together WarnerMedia's rich treasures to create an experience never before seen on a streaming platform. HBO's premier program points the way, the quality of which will be the leitmotif of our new line of Max Originals, our exciting new acquisitions, and the best of the Warner Bros. libraries, beginning with the Friends phenomenon.

HBO Max starts in the USA in 2020 – later also internationally

The new streaming service will first be launched in the US, later the offer will be rolled out internationally. “You can assume that this is an international service, but first we focus on the US.”said Kevin Reilly, who has the primary responsibility for the Max Originals. For the exact schedule and possible prices WarnerMedia made in the announcement on Tuesday, no information.

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