How can businesses benefit from Instagram Carousel Ads?

How can businesses benefit from Instagram Carousel Ads?

Instagram's Carousel ad format, which began testing for Stories last year, is one of the most prominent ways of expressing itself for many businesses. Carousel ads, where multiple images and videos can be added, become the choice of businesses with their low cost and high interaction.

Creating a Carousel Ad on Instagram

If you want to create a Carousel Ad on Instagram, you must first switch to an Instagram Business account and link your Facebook Business page to this account. In this way, you can create an Instagram Carousel ad on your Facebook page.

After completing this step, open Facebook's Power Editor, select the campaign where you'd like your ad to be included, and click “Create Ad Set.” When filling in the requested information, such as targeting and placement, be sure to select only Instagram in the placements section. Finally, follow Facebook's instructions and click Create. Your Carousel ad will then appear on Instagram Stories or News Feed.

By the way, Instagram offers two different Carousel ads for Stories. The first of these formats, which are divided into Native Stories and Expandable Stories, allows all cards to play automatically. More traditionally, Expandable Stories requires viewers to press on the screen to continue viewing the ad.

5 Types of Content You Can Use in Instagram Carousel


In Instagram posts, you can move your communication with your followers to the next level by turning to storytelling beyond introducing your products. Although not a brand, Illustrator Hazel Mead's creativity reveals the storytelling potential of Carousel commercials.

Process Demonstration

By sharing the preparation process of your products with your followers, you can make the production process transparent for your consumers. With this type of content, you include the consumers in the background of the showcase while conveying the story of your products.

Customer comments

One of the most valuable assets in social networks is customer reviews. By converting customer reviews into content, you can answer questions from other consumers and refresh the credibility of your image.

Pre-Post Contents

It is possible to say that the carousel format is suitable for pre and post content. Pre – and post – content content, which is especially preferred in the field of health, cosmetics, decoration and architecture, is important in conveying the scope and quality of the service provided.

Product introduction

It is possible to take advantage of Carousel format in order to transfer the outstanding features of your products. Thus, you can explain each feature of your product to your users in detail with different visuals.

In addition to all these content types, you can use Carousel format to post all of your commercials or promotional videos on YouTube to your Instagram account. Instagram videos 60 sec. allows you to spend more time on your content.

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