How to create a Panorama Carousel for Instagram shares?

How to create a Panorama Carousel for Instagram shares?

The Panaroma Carousel photos on Instagram are called Swipegram. This method, which allows you to share wide-angle photos without having to crop your photos, allows you to offer different content to your users as well as to maintain the aesthetic value of images.

To make a Swipegram, you need a horizontal photo format and a high resolution photo. You need to cut each photo into 1080×1350 (4: 5) size. You can edit the shipment using Adobe Lightroom CC (or Classic), Adobe Photoshop, Instagram. If you wish, you can also benefit from ITCHBAN's free template.

First of all, the photo you find for Swipegram is very interesting and powerful. Especially wide-angle landscape photos are ideal for this job. After selecting the correct photo, you can start editing the image.

In the second step, you need to cut your photo and bring it to a panoramic photo size. You can use the cropping feature in Adobe Lightroom for this. Select “Enter Custom” after pressing “Aspect” on the right panel. Then you have to enter the aspect ratio of the screen to 8×5.

At the last step, you can look at the final view of what the image should look like via the Compose option. If there is nothing to edit in the image, you are ready to export the image. In the meantime, the maximum size of the exported image should be 300 dpi.

Once you've completed your transaction in Adobe Lightroom, you can back up your images visually by getting support from Photoshop. To facilitate this process, you can benefit from the free template mentioned above. When using the template, all you have to do is place the image in the template and resize it so the image fits the template. Following these two operations, you can close the Instructions layer with instructions and cut and export the image in the last step.

After all these processes, only the image is left to share on Instagram. The most important thing at this point is to share the shipment in the correct order. If you want to get more attention from this share in Swipegram format in the first place; You can share the first photo in your post first as a 4: 5 version of the image. Thus, users who shift the post to the left can easily view the Swipegram format of the image.

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