HTC: Sales of smartphones in the UK stopped

HTC: Verkauf von Smartphones in Großbritannien gestoppt

HTC: Sales of smartphones in the UK stopped
Picture: HTC

Due to a patent dispute with Ipcom, HTC has completely discontinued the sale of their own smartphones in the UK for the time being. Not only is the company itself no longer offering smartphones, but retailers have stopped selling as well.

HTC is alleged to infringe a patent from Ipcom, originally for a “wireless technology in car phones” was developed. HTC has announced the allegations to examine and at the same time declared that only a single model is affected – but why the sale of all smartphones was stopped, the manufacturer does not explain.

Agreement with Ipcom not met

An original agreement between HTC and Ipcom saw information from the BBC It also states that HTC will bring to the UK minimally adapted smartphones that do not violate the Ipcom patent. However, HTC has not complied with this agreement, as tests by Ipcom have revealed during the course of this year, which is why the sale must now be discontinued.

For now, only the United Kingdom affected

Other countries are initially unaffected by the sales stop. When or whether HTC will offer their own smartphones ever back in the UK, is not yet known.

5G hotspot and VR glasses will continue to be sold

The HTC 5G Hub, a 5G display and battery-powered hotspot similar to a tablet that the company unveiled at the MWC 2019, and the Vive-family VR goggles such as the HTC Vive Focus Plus are unaffected also still offered in the UK.

From a pioneer to a niche manufacturer

HTC was the first manufacturer to launch an Android smartphone in 2008. After cooperating with Google, the company has sold the pixel smartphone part of its smartphone business to Google, but continues to offer models from the Desire series such as the HTC Desire 12s and made with the blockchain smartphone HTC Exodus 1 on attentive.

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