Huawei: EMUI 10 also has a dark mode

Huawei: EMUI 10 hat ebenfalls einen Dark Mode

Huawei has introduced the next generation of the EMUI Android article as part of its developer conference. EMUI 10 brings in the first step a new UI with dark mode, which has been adjusted in terms of color design and contrast ratio. EMUI 10 should be offered in September as a beta for the P30 series.

After Android Q and iOS 13, EMUI 10 will also have a dark mode. This is interesting in that EMUI 10 is an Android essay and the underlying operating system of Google, at least from version Q already has its own Dark Mode. However, EMUI 10 is again making such major changes to the Android OS that it requires its own Dark Mode. Interestingly enough, Huawei has not revealed which version of Android will be the base, but it can only be Android Q, and their own HarmonyOS is not there yet.

Own dark fashion should be better

Huawei's Dark Mode has been optimized in terms of color design and contrast ratio for a variety of users of different age groups, the manufacturer said the developer conference in China. Huawei had decided against the simplest approach of white text on a black background and thus maximum contrast, since here for a short time good legibility could be offered, but due to the contrast over a longer period of use but was declining.

EMUI 10 Dark Mode
EMUI 10 Dark Fashion

EMUI 10 Light Mode
EMUI 10 Light Mode

On screenshots shown by Huawei EMUI 10 uses in many cases, the classic dark-fashion design of white font on a black background. Only for important buttons Huawei sets color accents to direct in these areas the focus of the user. For the design of individual apps, Huawei has not commented in detail, only screenshots of the operating system were briefly seen.

An app starts faster than Apple

Under the hood, EMUI 10 has been optimized for better performance. Here Huawei compares with Apple and running on iOS iPhone Xs. In a comparison with opening the China-popular app WeChat, EMUI scores better in terms of startup time than the iPhone Xs in several measurements, Huawei said. Until the app's start screen was visible, Apple would take about one second, while EMUI 10 would only take 600 milliseconds. On the basis of this one example, Huawei declared himself on stage as the new number one in the liquid operation of smartphones.

Start of the beta on the P30 series

EMUI 10 is initially planned as a beta version of Huawei's P30 series, which will be beta-powered on September 8th. The next Mate series, presumably consisting of Mate 30 Lite, Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, is to be delivered ex factory with EMUI 10. Further beta versions of EMUI 10 are planned for the Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 RS and Mate 20 X at a later date.

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