Huawei HarmonyOS: Ark compiler for Android apps is hardly useful

Huawei HarmonyOS: Ark-Compiler für Android-Apps soll kaum brauchbar sein

Huawei's own operating system HarmonyOS should be a potential Android alternative. In order for app developers to be able to compile their apps for the new operating system, Huawei has its own Ark compiler. However, it has been implemented so badly that Chinese developers consider it a publicity stunt.

HarmonyOS was introduced by Huawei at its own developer conference in August. What was initially expected as an immediate alternative to Android, to respond to the US President Donald Trump export spam for US products should later turn out the keynote as an operating system for a television of the subsidiary brand Honor turn out. Nevertheless, Huawei HarmonyOS also declared an alternative for Android, to which, according to consumer boss Richard Yu at any time on smartphones can be changed to get away from Google's operating system that may no longer be offered with Google services, as the yesterday presented mate 30 series clarifies.

Ark compiler for fast app transfer

So that app developers can quickly offer their applications developed for Android on Huawei's operating system, without having to rewrite the entire program and adapt it to the new platform, Huawei had presented for the developer conference in addition to the operating system itself, the associated Ark compiler, the most diverse currently used Programming languages ​​to bring as many applications as possible to their own platform.

Complaints about state of development

Like the trade magazine Abacus reports, however, the new compiler is poorly received by various developers from China because it feels unfinished to the market. There is talk of fraud and a publicity stunt among developers.

One developer reports that the Ark compiler was presented as a three-star menu by a Michelin-starred chef, but served nothing more than a pack of instant noodles that lack even the hot water. The developer expressed his frustration on the Chinese Q & A site Zhihu, which asked if the Ark compiler had met the expectations of the developers. This is not the case for several users.

Not only can not the Ark compiler compile standard examples, he does not even come with his own demo, reports another developer. Other developers say that this is possible, at least with the help of third-party tools. An associated Runtime missing, the Ark compiler comes only up to assembly language, fails however when creating a HarmonyOS executable file, reports a developer opposite Abacus,

Developers are disappointed

That Huawei announced the Ark Compiler as an open source project, according to Max Zhou MetaApp was only in favor of the public perception of Huawei done. Developers would instead need a simple and compatible tool. Huawei does not represent Chinese advanced technology with the project, He Zhiyuan writes on Zhihu. “We do not want to harm our country“He adds, but bringing a semi-finished product to market is simply not straightforward.

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