Huawei: MPs protest against government 5G course

Huawei: Abgeordnete protestieren gegen 5G-Kurs der Regierung

The Federal Government with the Chancellery itself has already committed to a 5G strategy – Huawei should be able to participate in the 5G expansion. Both members of the CDU / CSU and the SPD criticize the procedure, they demand stricter requirements or even a waiver of Huawei technology.

So far, the strategy from the Chancellor's Office was: No supplier is to be excluded in 5G expansion, but critical components must be certified by a BSI BSI. However, this is not enough for many MEPs, even within the ruling parties there is growing criticism. in the mirror said Jens Zimmermann, digital policy spokesman for the SPD in the Bundestag, he was “stunned“That the chancellor's office stick to the current course.

The criticism is supported by members of the Union. These call for more say in the parliamentary group and the parliament. Together with the CDU, the SPD is now working together on stricter specifications, meanwhile Zimmermann explained in the mirror. Security concerns are not the only reason, and industrial policy also plays a role. Carpenter: “China only allows a limited amount of international equipment suppliers for LTE and 5G expansion on its own market, thus giving its own players such as Huawei considerable advantages.

Merkel wants European supervisory authority

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), however, remains with her line. At the general debate in the Bundestag last week, she spoke out in favor of uniform IT security standards throughout Europe. She brought in a European regulatory agency to certify critical components of the IT infrastructure.

Specifically Merkel said:Just as we have a drug licensing agency in Europe, we probably also need an accreditation agency, a certification agency that deals with the certification of 5G parts and works with national institutions like the BSI.“National solitary denies it. For Merkel, the Huawei question is part of the China policy that must be solved in Europe.

Huawei dispute reaches NATO

Particularly tricky is that dealing with Huawei has a geopolitical reach. It is an aspect of the trade war that is waged by the US and China. Also at the NATO meeting on Wednesday, it could be on the agenda and provide for dispute in the alliance, reported Reuters recently. A special role is played by US President Donald Trump. After all, it is the US administration that vehemently demands that Western states renounce Huawei technology. Trump himself recently suggested via Twitter Apple for the 5G expansion of the United States.

Huawei technology is already in use

The debate remains problematic for the network operators Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica. They already use Huawei technology in the 5G networks. In addition, the corporations regularly explain that a ban by Huawei would complicate the 5G expansion and make it more expensive.

However, it has recently become known that Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone will forgo the use of Huawei technology in the core networks in which the servers and databases are located. In the tenders, the Chinese network equipment provider was not awarded a contract. For the core network components, however, Huawei does not play the same role anyway as it does with the radio components of the transmitters.

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