Huawei scandal dismissed Britain's defense minister

Huawei scandal dismissed Britain's defense minister

Spying news in the past period HuaweiWe have passed many scandals of you. This time, Huawei confused England, Britain Defense Minister's job. According to shared reports, Gavin WilliamsonWas removed from his position on charges of leaking secret talks at Huawei, the National Security Council.

As a reminder, Huawei, the China-based smartphone manufacturer of the UK National Security Council, 5G Internet the media had been leaked to the press as of last week. After the news appeared, an investigation was opened on who leaked the information to the press.

New Defense Minister Penny Mordaunt

According to the Prime Minister's statement, Gavin Williamson was dismissed as “the reasonUnauthorized sharing of information discussed in the National Security CouncilMinister of International Development replaces Gavin Williamson, who was removed from office Penny MordauntLet's add.

British Prime Minister Theresa MayGavin Williamson, who has been dismissed from his post by letter, claims he was innocent and had nothing to do with the leakage of information. For a long time USA as well as European Huawei's problems with the country in the coming periods, such as scandals in the face of what is the subject of curiosity.

If you need to remind US, Huawei equipment 5G the network it is forbidden for its use and pressure on its allies to make the same decision. He had applied. The main reason why Britain is trying to make a decision about Huawei seems to be the US pressure. Time will show how the events will end and how Britain will make a decision about Huawei.

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