Huawei: Trump is offering timely exemptions for embargo

Huawei: Trump stellt zeitnahe Aus­nah­men für Embargo in Aussicht

The agreement reached between the US and Chinese governments to lift the embargo on Huawei on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka has not yet been implemented as expected. But Trump is now promising a timely and timely solution.

Originally, the US government wanted to allow US companies to supply Huawei and cooperate with the Chinese company. At present, this only applies until mid-August within the framework of a transitional period for already available products. On Monday, CEOs including Qualcomm, Intel and Google met with US President Trump and requested timely special permits from the Department of Commerce, which the US president had agreed to. Nevertheless, according to the White House, all corporate CEOs would support the US President's attitude toward Huawei's national security and deployment on US mobile networks.

CEOs of leading companies came together

The Oval Office conversation over several hours included Google's CEOs Sundar Pichai, Intel's Robert Swan, Qualcomm's Steve Mollenkopf, Cisco's Chuck Robbins and the CEOs of Micron, Western Digital and Broadcom. Intel then said that it had appreciated the opportunity to present its views on the trade conflict and its impact on the US economy.

For the US government, easing the embargo on Huawei could also be a lever in the deadlocked trade talks with China. It hopes, according to experts, at least the US government.

Business with North Korea is being investigated

Commenting on yesterday's Washington Post report on a possible Huawei involvement in building the 3G mobile phone network in North Korea despite US government sanctions, US President Trump said it would be investigated, but that the relationship with North Korea was very good.

Huawei dismisses 70 percent of employees at US subsidiary

At the same time, Huawei has announced that around 70 percent of the research facility of the Chinese technology group in California, Futurewei Technologies, will have to be fired. The reason given by the company based in Santa Clara is the restrictions on business operations resulting from the US government's sanctions against Huawei, which in fact came to a standstill. 600 of the 850 employees of Futurewei Technologies therefore have to leave.

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