Huawei weakened: Xiaomi comes full throttle to Germany

Huawei geschwächt: Xiaomi kommt mit Vollgas nach Deutschland

Huawei weakened: Xiaomi comes full throttle to Germany

Premiere for Xiaomi in Germany. Today, the company from Beijing, first of all known for its smartphones and fitness wearables, held its first launch event in Germany. The reason for this is the market launch of the Redmi Note 8 Pro. Xiaomi is facing a potential gap resulting from Huawei's weakening.

For a few weeks now, Xiaomi's products have been officially available in Germany, after previously responsible for a large portion of sales by gray importers such as Gearbest or TradingShenzhen. Recently, Xiaomi in Germany offers its own products on Amazon, such as the Mi A3 with Android One, in southern European countries such as Spain, this has been the case for quite some time.

At the IFA in Berlin in early September Xiaomi was still to be found on the stand of a distributor, the first own event, however, took place today in relatively small group in Berlin. In a coworking space near the track triangle Xiaomi has introduced the Redmi Note 8 Pro and the Mi Band 4 for the German market. The products come in October at prices from 230 euros and for 35 euros on the market.

Fighting price compared to the competition

Especially in the field of smartphones calls Xiaomi fight prices. The manufacturer sees the Redmi Note 8 Pro as a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy A80, which has a recommended retail price of 619 euros (street price around 480 euros). Even without the starting price, which is only valid on 7 October at 3,000 units, but at a regular 250 Euros, the Xiaomi smartphone costs far less than half, at least on equal terms.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Huawei is weakened

Xiaomi is rushing to the German market for an interesting and potentially lucrative time, as Huawei, the most well-known and popular Chinese smartphone provider in this country, is currently in a weakened position. Due to the export ban imposed by US President Trump, the new flagship family of the Mate 30 series in Europe can not be offered with Google services.

A Mate-30 buyer willing to spend $ 800 or more on a smartphone might not be the classic Xiaomi customer, but the export spell will soon affect other lower-end Huawei smartphones and the Honor brand. And given the prices of Xiaomi and at least according to the data sheet no less good quality in the future may be more intense with buyers thinking about whether a smartphone is not enough for half price.

Apple protects its own ecosystem

Although Xiaomi will not soon be offering any products introduced to China in Germany any time soon, as the company in Berlin suggested, the pace has been significantly increased and the distribution channels have been created with Amazon and other retailers. In addition to Huawei Samsung will also feel in the future. Apple will likely be harassed by Xiaomi due to its own ecosystem and traditionally loyal clientele.

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