Hum by Verizon will bring a Google Assistant speaker to your car, handy voice actions

Google Assistant is landing pretty much everywhere nowadays, and this week at CES 2019 it’s expanding further and further. Now, Verizon’s Hum car accessory is adding Google Assistant integration.

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Hum by Verizon, if you weren’t aware, is a 4G LTE-connected car accessory that allows you to keep track of your car’s health, how much you’re using it, and even to use it as a safety device in the case of an accident. Now, it’s adding Google Assistant to become even more powerful.

The first integration here is using the Hum’s speaker. By tapping the call button on the Hum, users will be able to access the full Google Assistant just like they would on a Google Home. This can be used to find nearby gas stations and even to control the lighting in your home. That speaker is mounted to the car’s visor too, meaning it can work in basically any model.

With a simple tap on the HumX speaker’s call button, you can access the Google Assistant. With the Google Assistant built in, HumX users will be able to manage tasks and get answers to questions hands-free while on the road.

Further, Hum’s Assistant integration also allows users to control actions on the product from their other Assistant devices. As an example, you can ask for fuel status, access trip history, or locate a vehicle with a simple voice command.

…because Hum works with the Google Assistant, users will be able to use any Google Assistant device, such as a smartphone, tablet, Google Home or HumX, to perform Hum-specific actions, such as locate a vehicle, access trip history, set a speed alert, or get fuel status. Once a customer links their Google account with their Hum account, these Hum Actions and more will be available for HumX and Hum+ customers alike through the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant will be available on Hum by sometime in Q2 of 2019. Stay tuned for our hands-on coverage when it launches, and also check out the rest of our coverage from CES 2019.

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