Humble Bundle: Shop sells keys for the Epic Store [Notiz]

Humble Bundle: Shop verkauft Schlüssel für den Epic Store

In future, the Humble Store will offer activation keys for all, including exclusive games like Metro: Exodus from Epic's Game Store. So far, the shop delivered games either DRM-free directly or via Uplay, the Rockstar Social Club or in the majority of cases on Steam.

As with Steam keys, the provider dispenses with sales in third-party stores on a share of sales. The activation is initially done by manually entering the key in the game store, later it should be possible to link Epics and Humbles shop to activate games directly.

Epic is again broadening its scope with this deal. Selling keys via the Humble Store is understood as a first step. The goal is, Epic announces, over time, further partnerships with “highly reputable digital shops“To give players a wider choice when buying.

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