Humble Bundle: Strategy and indie games are on offer [Notiz]

Humble Bundle: Strategie- und Indie-Spiele sind im Angebot

Humble Bundle offers two game packages. The Strategy Bundle with Civilization 6 is the more interesting of the offers. In addition to this title, fans will receive additional games that cover a wide range of genre characteristics.

The basic amount of just under 90 cents lures with Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation a big name, which is flanked by more unusual titles. The turn-based Niche – a genetics survival game simulates evolution; Players should create a species and protect it from extinction by exploiting inheritance mechanics by breeding. Throne of Lies, on the other hand, simulates a tabletop game. Participants in the online title must find out who wants to become king instead of the king and track down the traitor in their midst.

The content of the Strategy Bundle 2019 convinces Genrefans
The content of the Strategy Bundle 2019 convinces Genrefans

For currently around 6.47 euros, the building strategy Dungeons 3, a modern interpretation of the classic Dungeon Keeper, as well as the economic strategy game Offworld Trading Company are added including its expansion pack. If more than 8 euros are paid, attracts the 4X space strategy game Stellaris and Plague Inc. This is about wiping out the humanity, by a killer virus is cleverly disseminated. In addition, to receive Civilization VI, at least 13.34 euros must be paid. This price is only slightly above the currently cheapest offer on sales platforms, but includes even more titles.

The games of the bundle can be played with Windows PCs and macOS, partly also Linux versions are available.

Indie Games

The about a week available indie bundle provides a wide selection of genres, but moves outside of common paths and thus in an area that is no longer entirely suitable for the world. Gathered are a horror adventure, dungeon crawler, exploration game, real-time strategy with rats, a dad dating simulator and starting at a purchase price of 8,89 euros an action game, which holds a ninja rabbit as a protagonist. All games
in this package have been evaluated by users at least predominantly positive and available on Windows PCs, macOS and Linux.

The 20th Indie Bundle contains exciting games
The 20th Indie Bundle contains exciting games

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