Humble Monthly Bundle: In July, Kingdome Come and Surviving Mars cost $ 12 [Notiz]

Humble Monthly Bundle: Im Juli kosten Kingdome Come und Surviving Mars 12 $

In July, the medieval-based Kingdome Come and Surviving Mars urban development strategy game, based on the CryEngine, cost only $ 12 (~ € 10.71) in the monthly Humble Bundle subscription. More games will be added to the bundle next month and unlocked on August 2nd.

A good offer, however, is especially Kingdom Come, which costs around 18 euros on Steam even with current discounts. Surviving Mars was already available there for just under ten euros – but without involving the four other, unknown games.

As in the previous months, the subscription can be completed with different terms via the Humble Bundle's Monthly subpage. The minimum duration is one month for $ 12, which can be terminated monthly and immediately upon completion in the account settings.

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