Hybrid console: The last “Nintendo PlayStation” will be auctioned

Hybrid-Konsole: Letzte „Nintendo PlayStation“ wird versteigert

In the early 1990s, Sony and Nintendo developed a prototype, the Nintendo PlayStation, which never made it to series production. One of the rare prototypes is now being auctioned for $ 360,000.

The auction of the rare game console can be followed online at Heritage Auctions. The “Nintendo PlayStation” is a hybrid console made of Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) or Super Famicon (SFC) and Sony PlayStation. The unique thing about the game console is that it should be able to play both the SNES cartridges and new PlayStation CDs. And the prototype is still functional even after more than 20 years and can easily play the old cartridges. However, PlayStation CDs can no longer be played, and games for the console on CD were never developed. A repair carried out only allows the playback of audio CDs.

Not only the console has the “PlayStation” lettering, but even the SNES controller has the Sony logo and the PlayStation lettering.

Prototype designed before SNES and PlayStation

Nintendo and Sony wanted to join Sega in the game console market in the early 1990s and developed the common console in response to the Mega CD for the Mega Drive even before the first PlayStation (1994) and Nintendo SNES (1990) went on sale, which were published by both companies only after the joint project failed.

$ 1.2 million rejected

The console now available for purchase originally came from the then Sony manager Olaf Olafsson, who was involved in the negotiations with Nintendo and secured a prototype. When his later company, Advanta, went bankrupt in 2009, Terry Diebold auctioned the console for $ 75, but was unaware of its value and importance. Only his son did some research and they initiated the auction. How Engadget Diebold has already been offered $ 1.2 million for the console, but he declined. The auction has attracted a lot of attention in the past few hours and the selling price has now multiplied. The auction is still running for 21 days and it cannot be excluded that Sony or Nintendo will try to secure the Nintendo PlayStation themselves.

All other Nintendo PlayStation are said to be destroyed

The prototype, which is now up for auction, is said to be the last surviving of around 200 models that was built during the Sony and Nintendo joint venture. For a long time, this hybrid was only a myth; all other specimens built are said to have been destroyed in the meantime.

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