Hydrogen Two: RED is trying on a second smartphone with new ODM

Hydrogen Two: RED probiert sich mit neuem ODM an zweitem Smartphone

Hydrogen Two: RED is trying on a second smartphone with new ODM
Picture: RED

The well-known manufacturer RED wants to know it again: After the flop of the first own smartphone, which is pushed by the company founder on an incompetent Original Device Manufacturer (ODM), RED is promising a new Hydrogen Two. Disappointed owners of the Hydrogen One should receive discount.

The Hydrogen One of the Californian camera manufacturer RED should become the flagship smartphone in terms of camera quality in the summer of 2018. While the integrated camera was still not very spectacular and matched the standard equipment on the smartphone market, later a camera module should increase the capabilities towards the professional cameras from RED. It has not come to that. Other promised modules have not come onto the market yet.

In addition, the smartphone offered a holographic display for 3D effects without glasses, similar to how Nintendo has implemented the 3DS. However, the image quality achieved with it was not very convincing and there was a lack of related content.

ODM is to blame for quality

As RED founder Jim Jannard now explains in the H4V forum for RED owners, was responsible for the mess around the Hydrogen One of the selected ODM from China. Unlike the cameras or glasses from Oakley, whose founder is Jannard, RED did not make the smartphone in the US, RED had to rely on an ODM in China and the production at Foxconn. While Foxconn did a good job, Jannard said, ODM had not delivered the desired performance. Eliminating known mistakes was not only challenging, but impossible for the first ODM.

Hydrogen Two with better camera module

For the Hydrogen Two RED but could find a more capable ODM, as is Jannard sure. A new camera module with the code name Komodo was also in development and the first generation far superior. Details will be announced soon. Disappointed owners of a Hydrogen One should be preferred when buying a Hydrogen Two and the new camera module in price and delivery. Hydrogen continues to be the most exciting project he has worked on, says Jannard. The company is “not finished yet“.

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