If you like puzzle games, here is the wordivity

Mobile application stores are hosting a new game every day. The vast majority of these games consist of puzzle games that have attracted the attention of people for a long time. Puzzle games are divided into different categories. Wordivity one of the newest word puzzle games with a new game experience you can be thrown.

What is Wordivity Mobile Game?

Firstly, wordivity mobile game is a mobile application containing hundreds of words in dozens of different categories. All you have to do is pick up the phone and start playing!

Features of Wordivity Game

Wordivity game with you can have fun, you can test your word information in a game. To list the characteristics of the game;

You can find hundreds of different levels in the game.
With changing puzzles for each level you can make the game enjoyable.
The game has the ability to play offline so it does not require an Internet connection.
Every time you open the game, you can continue playing from where you left off instead of starting over.
You can start playing by selecting the color themes that are offered to the user within the game.
You do not need to register to begin the game.
Thanks to the Leadership Table, you can learn about the scores of other players.
Thousands of different words to expand your vocabulary.
The Vocabulary game offers different word packs for each language. In this way, you can continue to play by selecting the language pack you want.

Wordivity Is A Paid Game?

My mobile mobile game is completely free game. You can play the game with devices with both iOS and Android operating systems. All you have to do is to visit Google Play and App Store stores.

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