Image editing: Adobe brings Photoshop in its first version on the iPad

Image editing: Adobe brings Photoshop in its first version on the iPad
Image: Adobe

A year after the announcement, but still on time for today starting in Los Angeles House Fair MAX Adobe brings its photo editor Photoshop in a first version on the iPad. Not all features of the desktop version are available for release, but in return there are optimizations for the Apple Pencil.

Already in October 2018 to the last MAX had Adobe communicatedNot be able to offer Photoshop for the iPad to start with the full functionality of the desktop offshoot. In return, version 1.0 should be completed quickly and be supplemented in the course of development with new features. Adobe However, after a protracted beta period, it still took a year to get the first version available, which is now available in the App Store for iPadOS for download is ready.

From the iPad Pro to the iPad mini

The mobile offshoot of Adobe Photoshop only supports iPadOS from version 13.1. The app can be installed on all iPad Pro, from the fifth-generation iPad to the iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2. Apple Pencil supports the first and second generation. On the iPhone, however, Adobe continues to offer Photoshop Express at. Use of Photoshop is tied to creating an Adobe ID as part of a Creative Cloud membership. Photoshop is offered for new customers as a monthly subscription for the price of 10.99 euros. New customers can also try the app for 30 days for free. Owners of a valid subscription to Adobe Photoshop can use the app at no extra cost. The app is initially available in German, English, French and Japanese.

Composition and retouching are the focus

As Adobe writes in its App Store description for Photoshop, the first version focuses on the most important composition and retouching tools designed specifically for use with Apple Pencil or the fingers.

One of the key features of Photoshop for iPad is the full support of all PSD files including retouching, compositions, area repair and blending modes. For levels and resolution there should be no differences between iPadOS and desktop version. The toolbar is also available as on the desktop. Touch optimizations include swiping, contracting, tapping, scribbling, and swiping. The Photoshop for iPad UI works contextually, displaying only the tools and panels of prime importance.

For compositions, the Quick Selection and Lasso tool, also known from the desktop, as well as advanced selection options, such as blurring edges, are available. With the help of the brush tool, compositions can be created by masking certain parts of the image. When retouching, the area repair and the copy punch are available. Thus, images should also be easy to edit on the tablet or remove unwanted elements.

Important for the device-independent workflow is synchronization via the cloud as part of the subscription to Adobe. Desktop edited PSD files are stored in the Creative Cloud also on the iPad and vice versa to choose from.

Further functions are in progress

With upcoming versions of Photoshop for iPad, for which there are still no dates, Adobe wants to offer advanced tool options for painting and masking, edge enhancement and motif selection. It should also facilitate access to brushes and fonts in the Creative Cloud.

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