In 2013, Apple offered Tesla exactly the price of today: $ 240 per share

Important transfer for Apple cars from Apple

The merger of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla with the technology company Apple has been a topic for many years. In an interview, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the two companies were talking about something, but said that there was no unification at the heart of the negotiation.

A report published in Apple in 2013 revealed that the company was proposing to Tesla to buy company shares. Craig Irwin, a senior analyst at Roth Capital Partners, said in an interview that the technology company offered Tesla $ 240 per share. Tesla, which saw the lowest level of the year in 2019 and declined to around $ 180, is an offer above the shares.

According to analysts, it is alleged that six years ago, he had a serious conversation between Tesla and Apple. However, Apple's own project after the project, the iCar is still on the road with the other Apple Car project is among the claims.

Meanwhile, last January, Apple, the autonomous vehicle project “Project Titan” also known as the completion of the project announced. However, the company's vehicle plans are not said to disappear regularly in any way. Irwin believes Apple is working on battery technology and has set up very large driving rooms in California to test vehicles.

Tesla announced recently that it has received 1.8 billion and 860 million dollars of investment.

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