Instagram removes stalker's favorite Tracking tab

Instagram removes stalker's favorite Tracking tab

Instagram has been trying to gradually remove the number of likes from the platform for a while, and now it's removing the “Follow” tab, which is a favorite of stalkers. Instagram will now direct users to the Explore tab to discover new people, new locations and new hashtags. Despite being a favorite of Stalkers, the Tracking tab, which is visited by a small number of users, will be closed.

In fact, most users didn't consider the Tracking tab. Some users are not even aware of the existence of this tab. Furthermore, it is possible to say that the Tracking tab threatens the privacy of many users. In the tab, the likes and accounts of the accounts that he followed could be exposed to unlawful or private activities of users. The Follow-up tab, which has so far played a key role in ending relationships and friendships, was a favorite feature of magazine journalists on Instagram.

Instagram announced today that it has removed the Tracking tab from the platform, which doesn't help any users. Following the announcement, the feature disappeared from the majority of users.

In the meantime, Reddit users in August with a title opened on the Instagram tab complained about the disappearance of the reminder. Likewise, Webrazzi readers, who had experienced this situation, reached out to us and expressed their complaints. With the announcement, it turned out that this situation, which was considered to be a mistake at that time, was positioned only as a process.

If the Tracking tab is removed from your application, you will only be able to see your own movements when you press the Heart button. The Tracking tab, which has been gradually removed from today, will be completely out of date by the end of this week.

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