Instagram vulnerability threatens secret accounts

Instagram & # 039; s vulnerability threatens secret accounts


One of today’s most used social media platforms Instagram, with a rather interesting vulnerability. Today Buzzfeednews According to the information shared by Instagram secret accounts are not well protected.

How secure are your hidden Instagram accounts?

As you know if your Instagram account hidden posts or stories you share are only visible to your followers and cannot be shared with others. According to today’s information, a very simple security vulnerability due to the sharing of secret accounts hide and stories Able to download and share.

What you need to exploit this vulnerability is an internet browser and a very small one. HTML information. To share photos and videos uploaded to your page when you log in to an Instagram profile that uses your account as a secret in your browseritem checks“section.

Then you get a URL. You can share the URL as you like, or you can download the photos and videos contained in the URL. Thanks to the shared URL even users who do not follow a secret account have access to shared posts and stories.

Let’s also add that shared stories will remain in those URLs for longer, which will be deleted within 24 hours. In short, due to the vulnerability, the story shared by a secret account 24 hours even after.

We also point out that this vulnerability is very scary and serious for users who use their account as confidential and who care about their security. Making a statement about the subject Facebook spokesmansaid that the shares to be made through the vulnerability are the same as taking a screenshot of a friend’s photo on Facebook and Instagram and sharing it with other people.

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