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A great presentation design software, Prezi, gave good news to design enthusiasts. Let’s meet the great application of the greatest of these gospels. Thanks to Nutshell, it is possible to add a different dimension to your animations. Moreover, the application is completely free.

The Nutshell app is an animation creation application. Designed by Prezi, this application offers many advantages. As is known, animation preparation applications are quite expensive applications. Moreover, the design language is not preferred because it is not in our language. But Nutshell is experiencing a new breakthrough.

Sharing animated films on social media channels is one of the advertising techniques that many companies care about. To prepare these movies, simply download the Nutshell app. Choose your photos, adjust your stickers; Let the Nutshell app do the rest for you.

Preparing an animated film is normally quite a task. But Nutshell offers a simplified workflow and HD quality format; a lot of things. When you first log in to the app, you need to take 3 pictures. You can then proceed to the insertion of the sticker. So you can create catchy and impressive social media videos. You can design great animations thanks to the stickers in the application. The Sticker library has a lot of design. Choose the stickers that best suit you with these designs.

Another advantage of the application is that it delivers image clarity in HD quality. If the photos you take are high-quality photos, you will see great images. However, you can share your prepared animations on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Imagine that Nutshell offers the best animation stickers for you. Your application is completely up to your imagination.

We’ve reviewed several animations from the application for you. We think that these highly professional animations will be appreciated. Other advantages include the opportunity to share your designed animations with your friends. So before you share the animation on your social media account, you can get your friends’ opinion. The only thing you need to pay attention to when creating designs is the quality of the photos you take. When choosing stickers, it is useful to consider your social media account. For example, if you’re promoting a business, it’s a good idea to choose stickers in line with this theme. The application is currently used on iPad and iPhone devices. We hope that compatibility will soon be ensured in android devices.

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