iOS 12.4, iOS 10.3.4, iOS 9.3.6: Updates for iPhone migration and against GPS errors

iOS 12.4, iOS 10.3.4, iOS 9.3.6: Updates für iPhone-Migration und gegen GPS-Fehler

Apple has released a new version of the operating system, iOS 12.4, which enables migration from one iPhone to another. There are also updates for older iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 and iOS 10. In addition, the walkie-talkie function is back on the Apple Watch and a new macOS Mojave fixes bugs.

iOS 12.4 is designed to make it easier to move from one iPhone to another iPhone by offering an appropriate tool for the first time with the iPhone migration. The wireless redesign of the smartphone based on an old iPhone is not new per se, but previously required the use of iCloud in the background. The new iPhone migration, however, is intended to transfer data directly from another iPhone such as photos, settings and app data. However, the apps themselves are loaded from the App Store after setup. Part of the migration are also encrypted passwords that could not previously be loaded from the iCloud and only from an encrypted iTunes backup.

The walkie-talkie function is back

The update to iOS 12.4 brings together with an update to watchOS 5.3 the walkie-talkie function of the Apple Watch. Apple had had to temporarily remove the feature after discovering a security hole that potentially allowed them to listen to someone else's iPhone. watchOS 5.3 also unlocks the ECG feature of the smartwatch in Canada and Singapore.

Apple's smart speaker HomePod can now be used in Japan and Taiwan with the update to iOS 12.4. After the update is not yet visible, however, support for Apple's own credit card Apple Card, which is to be issued by Goldman Sachs as a Mastercard purely digital and in physical form. In the beta versions of iOS 12.4 changes were noted regarding the support of the map, the rollout has not yet been done.

Updates due to GPS bug on iOS 10.3.4 and iOS 9.3.6

Apple also offers iOS updates for iPhones and iPads launched in 2012 and earlier, which in the case of the iPhone 5 and fourth generation iPad to iOS 10.3.4 and in the case of the iPhone 4s, iPad mini (1st generation), iPad 2 and Third generation iPad will lead to iOS 9.3.6. In both cases, the problem of the GPS End of Week rollovers will be resolved, as a result of which, from November 3, 2019 on the affected devices no more accurate location determination can be guaranteed. Even functions that depend on a correct time and date, such as the iCloud synchronization and the retrieval of e-mails, then no longer work.

Fixes for macOS Mojave and tvOS

macOS 10.14.6 Mojave is again to solve problems when creating boot camp partitions on an iMac or Mac mini with Fusion Drive (SSHD) that have been addressed before with macOS 10.14.5, but not all users have resolved. In addition, the update is intended to fix problems with restarting Macs that could cause the computer to shut down. There are also fixes for graphics errors, full screen video, and file sharing reliability over SMB.

For the current Apple TV 4K as well as the Apple TV of the third generation there are with tvOS 12.4 respectively the Apple TV software 7.3.1 updates only with bug fixes under the hood.

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