iotty Smart Home: socket and blind control in Italian design

iotty Smart Home: Steckdose und Jalousie­steu­e­rung im italienischen Design

iotty Smart Home: socket and blind control in Italian design

iotty, which already offers a Wi-Fi Smart Switch with the same name as a double or single push-button, is adding a smart socket called iotty Smart Outlet and a shutter control called iotty Smart Shades Switch to the IFA 2019 portfolio.

The Smart Outlet iotty Smart Outlet is designed to increase the energy efficiency of operating and charging devices up to 16 amps. As is the case with smart plug-in sockets, the flush-mounted version of iotty can also be controlled via the smartphone, turned on and off by events and combined with other actions or integrated into scenes. To connect to the outside world, the socket uses Wi-Fi. When it comes to design, iotty once again relies on LED lighting and the front panel. In addition to being used by individual users, iotty also sees companies as a target group in particular in order to reduce standby consumption.

The iotty Smart Shades Switch for blinds control relies on the simple tempered glass faceplate known from iotty's buttons, which, however, has been extended with a label. For the German area, the switch will be available in the standard format for the switch boxes according to DIN-49073 with two modes for opening and closing the shutters. The blind control system from iotty also relies on a WLAN connection like all other products of the company.

Control over geofencing and protection against overload

As expected from an intelligent blind control, blinds and blinds can be controlled via personalized scenes. For example, the up and down driving can be linked to specific times of the day, the geolocation of the user and many other parameters. A new circuit also prevents the simultaneous use of both modes at the hardware level, which at the same time prevents overloading of the motor and resulting consequential damage.

Control both novelties also by voice and Siri shortcuts

Both new products are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts – just like the company's smart WiFi switches. The iotty app is available for Android and iOS.

Availability and price

The iotty Smart Shades Switch and the iotty Smart Outlet will be available in early 2020 in Germany. Like the WLAN switches, they are offered in the colors white, black, gray, cream and blue. The price is expected to be about 75 euros for both products.

iotty was founded in 2017 in Italy and wants to offer not only functional, but also good looking products and extensive compatibility with other platforms.


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