Isbank E-Sport Card: Maximum Playing Card

Isbank E-Sport Card: Maximum Playing Card

Bank of Turkey one of the most dynamic areas of today E-Sports has taken a new step. İşbank, which combines the communication activities of national clubs with the sponsorship of electronic sports teams with payment systems, Maximum game card Fans of e-sports with a game that will have privileged and set up a program.

İşbank has been in business since 2017 1907 Fenerbahçe Association, Besiktas and The main sponsor of Galatasaray electronic sports teams İşbank, which interacts with online sports fans with its unique content, produced on social media platforms under the Maximum Gaming brand, has integrated these activities in the field of online sports to payment systems.

An important part of the e-sports experience game code and internet shopping Maximum Gaming Card has been introduced as a prepaid card for all players aged 15 and over, including those who are not yet customers of the bank.

Maximum Gaming Card can be used for online and physical purchases by charging money. Maximum Gaming Card is an integral part of the E-sports experience for digital gaming code exchanges and all other Internet purchases. the gamingpu good

Holders of a maximum number of game cards only collect game points specific to this program. Maximum Mobile Digital code market in the context of the application of the purchase of game codes and Yemeksepeti orders and cashing in Yemeksepeti's own application.

Maximum Gaming Card can be applied from Maximum Mobil and at the end of the application process. The map is instantly digitally generated in the used in Internet payments. Players may also request physical delivery of the card at the time of application.

By stating that they continue their new products and services that will offer the ideal customer experience alongside fast technological developments, İşbank Executive Vice President View Yalçın's Full Profile He pointed out that e-sports is not just a sports branch of the new generation, but that it is also important for the country's economy with its gaming software and its exports.

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