Jesse Eisenberg, the star of The Social Network, explained why he deleted Facebook

Jesse Eisenberg, the star of The Social Network, explained why he deleted Facebook

In an interview with Chris Kornelis, Jesse Eisenberg shared his private life details and explained why he stayed away from social networks like Facebook.

Eisenberg said that he did not normally use social media applications and that he signed up for Facebook for 10 minutes under a false name during the rehearsals of The Social Network. Eisenberg, who thinks it would be irresponsible to not know the product he created, can say that 10 minutes is enough to get to know the product.

After registering, Eisenberg said that he received an automatic e-mail from his friend, who suggested that his brother recommended his best friend in high school.

Eisenberg said that after the incident he did not want to give Facebook any more information, so he removed the application.

In the interview, Eisenberg told that he was constantly traveling with his family and talked about the applications he used and the podcasts he listened to. Eisenberg said that he made a blood donation every 52 days, so he said that he frequently used Blood Donor American Red Cross.

Reminding them that they have to find different parking spaces in different cities because they are constantly traveling, Eisenberg said he used SpotHero for this job. Eisenberg said that he preferred Citi Bike, the bike sharing application, which he said was frequent cycling in new cities. Meanwhile, the NBA app is one of Eisenberg's favorites. Eisenberg's favorite podcast is The Gist by Mike Pesca.

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