Kindle 2019 Kids Edition in the test: FreeTime leaves a lot to be desired

Kindle 2019 Kids Edition im Test: FreeTime lässt viele Wünsche offen

tl; dr: After Amazon has published its tablet series in a specially directed to children variant, now is also followed by the e-book readers. However, the company still has a lot of work to do on the Kindle 2019 Kids Edition – both in terms of the software and the content flat rate FreeTime Unlimited.

Design and workmanship

The Kindle Kids Edition not only builds on Amazon's Einsteigs Reader Kindle, because externally the two are similar to each other as one egg. Thus, the e-book reader, which is specifically aimed at children, fits seamlessly into the Kindle portfolio of the online retailer – which makes the devices difficult to distinguish from each other and without a cover.

In the Kids Edition Amazon sets for price reasons as the normal representative as well as plastic as a priority material. Although the material choice is similar to that of the best-selling Kindle Paperwhite, the slightly higher-priced reader looks significantly more valuable and less brittle than its little brother. With a size of 113 × 160 × 8.7 millimeters and a weight of 174 grams, it should also be suitable for children's hands.

Without cover also a normal Kindle 2019
Without cover also a normal Kindle 2019

Nevertheless, Amazon has not lumped this time in terms of workmanship, which also fails with the new (old) reader. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not use the new publication as an opportunity to remove the noticeable edges between the top and the bottom. Otherwise, the Kindle Kids Edition leaves no reason to complain, the gaps are small and also a high stability is given. In conjunction with the usual from Amazon and now in the children's colors blue, pink and violet belonging to the offer shell of the reader even the fall out of bed or from the desk unscathed.

The little Kindle is currently the last in the reader range from Amazon, which does not have a flat surface, but in which the display is lowered in the housing. At just under two millimeters, however, the difference is quite small, so that it is easy to wipe across the screen without the finger sticking to the edges like some competitors' readers.

The Kindle does not have any haptic controls, the bottom side of the case only contains the USB port in micro format and the power button. An expansion of memory by means of memory card does not support the present Kindle, on a water protection as with his older brothers, users have to do without. That would have been too much demanded for the offered price.

While the normal Kindle calls an entry-level price of 80 euros, the Kids Edition has to be tucked a bit deeper into the bag. For 110 euros, the reader is then delivered without advertising, includes a shell in the colors already mentioned, the free use of the content flat rate FreeTime Unlimited for one year and the carefree guarantee, from the date of purchase for two years even with self-inflicted damage fast and uncomplicated for a replacement device. With all these additions in the back, the price increase is more than reasonable. If a Fire tablet is also available in the respective household, FreeTime Unlimited can also be used.

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition in the test
Amazon Kindle Kids Edition in the test

After the probationary year additional fees apply for the service: Prime members then pay per child 2.99 euros a month, for up to four sprouts Amazon offers a reduced tariff of 6.99 euros. If there is no Prime membership, the monthly fees rise to 4.99 euros and 9.99 euros. If you pay in advance for one year, the cost for up to four children is reduced to 69 euros or 99 euros.

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