Kirin 810: HiSilicon's new 7nm SoC comes with Da Vinci NPU

Kirin 810: HiSilicons neues 7-nm-SoC kommt mit Da-Vinci-NPU

In China, the Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon has introduced the Kirin 810, a new top-of-the-range smartphone SoC just below the flagship Kirin 980. The Kirin 810 is also manufactured in 7 nm by TSMC and comes with CPU and GPU from ARM. There is also an AI accelerator of the new da Vinci architecture.

The Kirin 810 is HiSilicon's second 7 nm SoC, which is being rolled off the line at TSMC. The chip is intended in the first instance for the smartphone Nova 5, which is to come soon in China on the market. Also for the new Huawei 9X Pro should be thought of the SoC Gizmo China reported.

Octa-core CPU and middle-class graphics unit

HiSilicon installed in the Kirin 810 a total of eight CPU cores, including two ARM Cortex-A76, which can clock with up to 2.27 GHz, and six Cortex-A55 with a maximum clock frequency of 1.88 GHz. The mid-range graphics unit also comes from ARM, more specifically, it is the Mali G52, which according to an entry in Huawei's Chinese Vmall shop is up to 820 MHz fast. Like the G76 of the Kirin 980, the Mali-G52 uses the bifrost architecture, which is supposed to work up to 15 percent more efficiently and up to 30 percent faster than the predecessor Mali-G51.

NPU with new da Vinci architecture

The chip is equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), which is to relieve in AI calculations in the area of ​​photo and video CPU and GPU. HiSilicon relies on the Da Vinci architecture introduced last autumn, which the manufacturer also uses for its Ascend AI accelerators for servers – a brand name that was also used by smart phone chips in the past. Even then, HiSilicon had announced that the 2019 technology should also be used in smartphone SoCs. According to HiSilicon, the AI ​​performance should be above that of a Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm.

Better night shots

The quality of the image processing with the help of the Image Signal Processor (ISP) should also reach the level of flagship SoCs, according to HiSilicon, especially at night with better results. Huawei is known since the P20 Pro (test) for night photography with a very good quality.

So far, the Kirin 810 is only an announcement for the Chinese market. The two smartphones Nova 5 and 9X Pro are not yet intended for Germany.

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