Kirin 985 and more: Huawei plans to introduce 5G SoC in the fourth quarter

Kirin 985 und mehr: Huawei will 5G-SoC im vierten Quartal vorstellen

Kirin 985 and more: Huawei plans to introduce 5G SoC in the fourth quarter
Image: Huawei

Huawei's chipmaker HiSilicon wants a report from Nikkei Asian Review even before Qualcomm and Samsung introduce a system-on-a-chip with integrated 5G multi-mode modem. For the Mate 30, this SoC is not yet planned. The new flagship smartphone will come in the fall with Kirin 985 on the market.

For the coming year, chip makers such as MediaTek, Qualcomm and Samsung expect system-on-a-chips with an integrated 5G multi-mode modem. Apple is likely to introduce the first iPhone with 5G support in the fall of 2020. ComputerBase recently released an overview of the current state of development. For smartphones, this step is important in that it – with the exception of Apple – still a chip for all tasks must be installed, which benefits the energy needs and available space in the housing. SoC and 5G modem are still housed separately in the smartphone.

HiSilicon wants to present the first 5G SoC in the last quarter of this year according to the current report and ahead of the competitors Qualcomm and Samsung. Strictly speaking, however, HiSilicon is not a direct competitor, since the chips are installed only in the own smartphones of the parent company and the daughter Honor. Huawei is also barely buying any more SoCs from Qualcomm lately.

MediaTek and Qualcomm with concrete plans

Qualcomm expects the launch of the first fully integrated 5G SoC in early December at the Snapdragon Summit. The chip could be announced with the designation Snapdragon 865. With the Snapdragon X55, Qualcomm has the matching 5G multi-mode modem in its range that could replace the Snapdragon X24 dual solution in the Snapdragon 855 and external Snapdragon X50 for 5G. At MediaTek turn the still nameless 5G SoC in the first quarter of 2020 to come on the market, but then without mmWave support, but only for the sub-6 GHz range. Samsung also has a 5G multi-mode modem with the Exynos 5100, but plans for a fully integrated SoC are not yet known. But this would also be the next logical step in development at Samsung.

Mate 30 still without 5G SoC

The Mate 30 is, however, with Kirin 985, an evolution of the Kirin 980 of the current Huawei flagships Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro, come on the market. Although 5G is not mentioned here yet, EUV lithography is to be used for production in a still unknown structural width. The paver is supposed to be the TSMC as in the last years. This year, the Mate 30 will be released in addition to a 5G version, although it is not yet known if it will be fitted with the Mate 20 X 5G, an additional modem or the new 5G SoC. By the end of 2019, Huawei wants to sell 10 million 5G smartphones.

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