Lamborghini's most widely shared 30 cars on Instagram

Lamborghini's most widely shared 30 cars on Instagram

According to Veygo's research on vehicle insurance, Instagram users are also fond of sports cars as well as affordable saloons. In the study, the ranking of the vehicles was determined as a result of shared Instagram posts about the vehicle, the frequency of these shipments and review of the two most popular hashtags for each vehicle. Only vehicles in production were included in this ranking.

This 30-vehicle list of expensive sports vehicles such as the Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche 911, as well as common vehicles such as the Honda Civic Type R was noted. We share the most shared 30 cars on Instagram.

30. Audi TTS

Number of payments: 1,033,764

29. Fiat 500

Number of visits: 1,054,174

28. BMW i8

Number of visits: 1,143,190

27. Audi A1

Number of visits: 1,236,227

26. Audi A3

Number of payments: 1,263,839

25. Volkswagen Golf

Number of visits: 1,266,535

24. Audi S3

Number of payments: 1,311,889

23. BMW M2

Rote: 1,389,175

22. Mazda MX-5

Number of claims: 1,411,558

21. Opel Corsa

Number of claims: 1,423,252

20. Toyota Corolla

Number of claims: 1,492,653

19. Audi A4

Number of payments: 1,591,794

18. Honda Civic Type R

Number of payments: 1,834,422

17. Porsche 911

Number of payments: 1,940,424

16. Porsche Carrera

Rote: 2,077,459

15. Mini Cooper

Number of payments: 2,131,312

14. Lamborghini Huracan

Number of payments: 2,203,050

13. Chevrolet Silverado

Number of payments: 2,254,244

12. Subaru Impreza

Number of payments: 2,670,309

11. BMW M5

Number of payments: 2,741,911

10. Audi R8

Number of claims: 2,900,314

9. Lamborghini Aventador

Number of payments: 3,085,336

8. BMW M4

Number of claims: 3,432,052

7. Chevrolet Corvette

Number of claims: 3,963,740

6. Chevrolet Camaro

Number of payments: 4,686,969

5. Jeep Wrangler

Number of claims: 5,137,019

4. BMW M3

Number of claims: 5,817,457

3. Nissan GT-R

Number of payments: 7,019,123

2. Honda Civic

Number of payments: 7,402,365

1.Ford Mustang

Number of claims: 11,947,872

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