License agreement: LG will continue to rely fully on Qualcomm's chips

Lizenzabkommen: LG setzt auch in Zukunft voll auf Qualcomms Chips

License agreement: LG will continue to rely fully on Qualcomm's chips

LG hardly had a real choice, so the new agreement is not surprising. Qualcomm announced that South Korea's adversary in the mobile market will continue to rely heavily on Qualcomm's portfolio in the future, as stated in a new license agreement.

In mid-June, it became known that LG's negotiations with Qualcomm had stalled. In 2018, LG had terminated an existing agreement to negotiate better terms. The background was, among other things, that from many quarters Qualcomm was under attack, especially by the FTC in the US, accompanied by the dispute with Apple. But at the latest since this is settled and Apple bowed to the conditions of Qualcomm and billions will lend it for, LG's bargaining position has hardly improved.

LG had no choice

With his back to the wall in the negotiations, LG is now also on the road for the next five years with Qualcomm chips. This covers the development, manufacture and sale of 3G, 4G and 5G products, and as Qualcomm points out, under the global guidelines of the licensing model. This is based largely on royaltiesSo royalties that LG will pay to Qualcomm. How exactly these look like, both companies are silent about. There was no real alternative to Qualcomm for LG, their portfolio is far too dependent on the chip and fashion provider. In particular, the upcoming step in the 5G business, in which LG wants to get involved directly, is almost impossible without Qualcomm.

LG's last smartphones were as usual in the past years, although good, but always too late. The LG G8s ThinQ (test) made it only in the summer of 2019 in the trade, the MWC 2019 shown Exot V50 ThinQ is available only in Asia. At the IFA 2019 in a few days, a revelation of the V60 ThinQ is expected, which is also set to a dual screen – and of course 5G.

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