Love Magenta: Bluetooth underwear of the Telekom for the love life

Love Magenta: Bluetooth-Unterwäsche der Telekom fürs Liebesleben

Love Magenta: Bluetooth underwear of the Telekom for the love life
Picture: Deutsche Telekom

In a campaign limited to 1,000 sets, Deutsche Telekom is selling networked underwear with a Bluetooth chip, which should give buyers a new lease of life. Still copies of the 25 Euro expensive sets are available.

The “Connected Underwear” from the “Love Magenta” series consists of a pair of underwear, where you can choose either a women's panties and a boxer shorts, two boxer shorts or two women's briefs in different sizes. The color of the underwear, however, is only the magenta of Deutsche Telekom to choose from.

“LoveMode” on the smartphone after putting on the underwear

The actual connection, if the couple due to digital distraction too rarely to each other, so the suggestion of the German Telekom, are to produce the bags in the underwear usable Bluetooth chips, which are coupled both in each case with the app on the Smartphone of the couple – by shaking vigorously, the Bluetooth chip mind you. If one partner wants to grab the other's attention, he should put on his love-magenta underwear with a Bluetooth chip and get close to his partner. This then receives a notification on the smartphone and can switch over the app of Deutsche Telekom, the smartphone in the “Love Mode” – matching the slogan of Deutsche Telekom “Be now #dabei”. The LoveMode disables notifications on the smartphone and mutes it, at the same time the playback of romantic music is started – the personal interaction can begin, the smartphone should now be put away, so the thought of Telekom.

The bluetooth beacons have a size of 4.3 × 2.4 × 0.3 cm with a weight of 6 grams each. They must be removed from the underwear before washing. The battery life is about 3 to 6 months – the more often the, at least hoped, togetherness, the shorter the battery life. The Love Magenta Connected Underwear costs 25 euros plus shipping costs of 4 euros within Germany.

Love Magenta Connected Underwear of Deutsche Telekom
Love Magenta Connected Underwear of Deutsche Telekom (Image: Deutsche Telekom)


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