MagentaTV: Telekom brings Netflix tariff and own streaming stick

MagentaTV: Telekom bringt Netflix-Tarif und eigenen Streaming-Stick

Deutsche Telekom is cooperating with the streaming service Netflix and now offers its MagentaTV-marketed TV service in a new Netflix tariff, which includes the streaming service at 3 euros cheaper than Netflix itself. In addition, the German Telekom wants to offer from December a 4K streaming stick.

The tariff “MagentaTV Netflix” is already released on the website of Deutsche Telekom and is marketed as the previously offered rates “MagentaTV” and “MagentaTV Plus” with the Internet connections S, M, L and XL, the 16 Mbit / s up to 250 Mbit / s in the downlink range. In addition to the IPTV offer, there are the same prices a solution via satellite or just the pure MagentaTV app.

Netflix standard for 9 euros instead of 12 euros

The new Netflix tariff is based on the MagentaTV Plus tariff and costs € 9 more per month than this one. The minimum price with Internet connection “S” is therefore 34 euros, without Netflix it is 25 euros. The tariff includes the standard subscription from Netflix, which the streaming provider offers for € 11.99 per month and thus € 3 more than at Deutsche Telekom. Netflix's standard subscription includes HD streams for two devices that can simultaneously watch Netflix. If you want, you can switch to the premium subscription for 4 euros more and thus at the same rate as Netflix, which allows Ultra HD streams (4K) and HDR on four parallel devices.

The cooperation also works the other way, allowing existing Netflix customers to migrate their account to MagentaTV and then pay the reduced price.

MagentaTV Plus with restart function

MagentaTV Plus consists of around 100 channels, 45 of them in HD resolution. MagentaTV also gives customers access to Videoload and other streaming services. In the so-called Megathek Telekom offers exclusive content and originals in the style of Amazon or Netflix. Selected programs can be viewed up to a week later, also the time-shifted television is possible. From the Plus tariff, a restart function is included, where current shipments can be viewed from the beginning.

MagentaTV-Stick for 65 Euro

From December, Deutsche Telekom also wants to enter the market for streaming sticks, in which, among others, Amazon and Google are active. The MagentaTV-Stick should provide access to television, streaming services and apps. He receives his data via WLAN and outputs them via HDMI to the television. A loudspeaker-based quad-core processor is said to enable fast operation and supports 4K and HDR. The stick also dominates time-shifted television via the MagentaTV app, which is offered with around 50 HD channels and the Megathek. The MagentaTV Stick, including three months of MagentaTV, will cost a one-time fee of € 64.99.

MagentaTV stick
MagentaTV-Stick (Image: Deutsche Telekom)

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