Maps 10.15: Google brings AR navigation to Pixel smartphones

Maps 10.15: Google bringt AR-Navigation auf Pixel-Smartphones

Google makes augmented reality navigation in Google Maps available to a wider range of users for I / O. Since so far only so-called Local Guides from Level 5 had access to the function, it will now be unlocked for all Pixel Smartphones. This only requires an update of the Google Maps app.

The AR navigation in Google Maps is designed to navigate the last few meters to the destination, for example after reaching the bus stop or leaving the metro and tram. When you arrive near the destination, Google Maps needs to select pedestrian navigation to the destination, and then the “AR Start” button will appear at the bottom of the app as an alternative to normal navigation.

Following warnings and first-time usage tips, Google Maps uses the smartphone camera to scan the user's environment for distinctive buildings. So the application decides in which direction it sends the user. The smartphone also uses the familiar methods of position determination, such as GPS or local WLANs.

Virtual arrows projected on real world

Then, large, three-dimensional arrows in the camera viewfinder help to take the right first step. Arriving at the next street, a blue sign with an indication in meters will help you to navigate further until the next intersection. The destination marked as in Google Maps version without AR a big red pin.

AR navigation in Google Maps 10.15
AR navigation in Google Maps 10.15

Google Maps calls for AR break

So that users do not stare too long at their smartphone or cover the entire distance with a view of the display, Google Maps quickly demands that the smartphone be lowered. Google Maps then automatically switches back to the normal 2D view of the map to reduce the safety aspect as well as the load on the battery of the smartphone.

Safety Notice in Google Maps
Safety Notice in Google Maps (Image: Wall Street Journal)

The AR navigation for Google Maps comes with the app update to version 10.15 on all Pixel smartphones. According to Google, the update will be distributed later this week. When the function will be available to other smartphones, is currently unknown. So far only local guides from level 5 could use the feature.

ComputerBase has received information about this article from Google on NDA. The only requirement was the publication date.

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