Mate 30: Huawei plans four versions of the smartphone without Google

Mate 30: Huawei plant vier Versionen des Smartphones ohne Google

Huawei is expected to present four offshoots of the Mate 30 this Thursday in Munich. Huawei is planning to announce the release of the Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro, Mate 30 Lite and Mate 30 RS Porsche Edition. The common denominator of all four smartphones will be the renunciation of Google services.

Huawei's presentation of the Mate 30 on September 19th was most recently confirmed by Richard Yu, head of the Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG), at the IFA keynote presentation of the Kirin 990. In addition, the company is already driving an advertising campaign for the new smartphones in social networks, including a first teaser for the Mate 30 RS Porsche Edition on Twitter since Sunday.

The Mate 30 RS will be based on the Mate 30 Pro and will differ from this smartphone less in technical but in optical nature. According to Evan Blass, backs made of red and black leather can be expected to decorate a glass element that houses four cameras and the Porsche design logo vertically. This design matches the final seconds of the teaser published by Huawei, in which the glass element is silhouetted.

Mate 30 Pro with 3D face unlock

While for the Mate 30 RS Porsche Edition has to be assumed again from an astronomical price, after last year for the Mate 20 RS 1.695 Euro were called, the Mate 30 Pro (picture above) as a regular flagship of the series rather to the broad Judge mass. Here, the four cameras are framed in a round element on the back, while on the front a wide Notch again suggests the use of a sophisticated 3D Face Unlock in the style of Face ID. Huawei pulls the display as in the last generation easily in the frame of the smartphone.

One level below the Mate 30 Pro ranks the Mate 30 with a slightly rounder design and smaller Notch. But here, too, two cameras in the Notch can be seen on a first image, although in addition to a new face unlocking just two different perspectives for selfies could be covered.

Mate 30 RS Porsche Edition
Mate 30 RS Porsche Edition

Mate 30 Pro
Mate 30 Pro

Mate 30
Mate 30

Mate 30 Lite
Mate 30 Lite

Towards the bottom, the series is rounded off by the Mate 30 Lite, which still has four cameras on the back and an almost frameless design for the display. The single front camera is in the style of many Honor smartphones or, most recently, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10e circular integrated in one corner of the display.

5G version planned for Mate 30 series

At least the Mate 30 RS, Mate 30 Pro and Mate 30 should be driven by the new Kirin 990. Of the two more expensive devices also 5G variants are expected, because the Kirin 990 Huawei offers in a variant with up to LTE and a variant with up to 5G, which also offers slightly higher clock rates for the CPU.

With Android, but without Google

Away from the hardware hovering over the software of smartphones a big question mark. At the IFA Richard Yu had in mirror confirms that the smartphones will have to renounce services from Google. Android will still be installed, but based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and its own EMUI 10 complements – just as Huawei has always done in China. The specially developed HarmonyOS is not initially designed for use on smartphones.

Buyers can install Google services later

With regard to the Google services, it is expected that buyers of smartphones will have the option to install them retroactively. How exactly this process is going on and whether Huawei, for example, a guide to the smartphones will resolve, is not yet known. For ordinary consumers, however, this step should represent a major barrier to purchase. In any case, it is still completely unclear in what quantities Huawei will offer the new smartphones outside of China.

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