Media Streaming: Plex Media Server streams movies and TV shows for free

Medien-Streaming: Plex Media Server streamt Filme und Serien kostenlos

Media Streaming: Plex Media Server streams movies and TV shows for free
Picture: Plex

Plex is following its announcement of CES 2019 and is expanding its media server into a free streaming service – but still with a very limited selection of films and series in Germany. The offer is completely financed by advertising.

Very limited selection in Germany

With the slogan “Boom. We just dinosized your movie collection – for free.“Advertises the new and worldwide free streaming service from Plex for its offer, which differs greatly from country to country due to the different license models. For example, in the US, blockbusters such as Terminator, Lord of War and Apocalypse Now are available. In Germany, for example, the offer is far less impressive and, with the exception of some good classics, is largely made up of B-movies and unknown film strips.

English original track without subtitles

In terms of TV series, it looks even gloomier in this country, limited to the selection but currently only three productions. The content is only available in English and even subtitles are not available at the moment. Whether the content of the major streaming partners, which Plex lists on its website – such as MGM, Legendary, Lionsgate or Warner Bros – will also be available in Germany in the future, is not clear at this time.

No competition to Netflix & Co.

Generally, the films and series are in a resolution of 480p to 1080p and are interrupted during playback at irregular intervals of advertising content. The makers of Plex emphasized that the streaming of their own content will continue to be possible in the future without commercial interruption. Plex has set up its own FAQ for the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

With paid streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video Plex can not compete in this form, but it is also completely free to use.

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