Mercedes Benz and Bosch launch autonomous car sharing project in San José

Mercedes Benz and Bosch launch autonomous car sharing project in San José

Mercedes Benz and Bosch are partnering to implement a Uber-type car sharing project for autonomous vehicles. The S-Class autonomous vehicles of the project, which is still in the pilot phase, will use the driving systems and software of Mercedes-Benz and Bosch.

As part of this partnership, Bosch will develop and produce components for autonomous vehicles for urban transport. Daimler Mobility AG's fleet platform will be included in the project with its vehicle sharing app. Stand-alone vehicles can be called via an Uber-type vehicle call app built into the platform.

In the meantime, the vehicles will serve as shuttle between the west of San José and the city center. Thus, the project, under development for some time, was first implemented in San José. San José, the host of the pilot project, is thus closer to achieving the vision of a "smart city".

For the moment, autonomous vehicles, observed by a security driver, also cross San Carlos Street and Stevens Creek Boulevard during the shuttle. The service, which is currently in the testing phase, will be made available to a selected group of people in the future. Users will be able to book a vehicle via the app developed by Daimler Mobility AG and specify where the vehicle should buy.

Through the Mercedes-Benz and Bosch project, SAE aims to collect information to improve the autonomous driving system called Level 4/5. The project aims to provide more detailed information on the integration of autonomous vehicles into the intermodel transport system.

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