Microsoft's performance in Japan increased by 40%

Microsoft's performance in Japan increased by 40%

Last August, 4 days a week Microsoft JapanAnnouncement of test results of 4 days per week of work. Thanks to the shorter and more efficient meetings organized during a shortened week, which surprised people with the very practice adopted by the employees, 40 percent had to be increased.

Additional salary for employee motivation

As a project of the eye of the companySummer / Work / Personal Life Challenge 2019.. Throughout the project, the 2,300 employees were granted leave on Friday. Due to the shortening of the work week, no salary was deducted from the salary of the employees and the days off were not deducted from the annual leave. The company's lawsuit was not limited to this and each employee received 100,000 yen to spend holidays with their family or to improve.

Takuya Hirano, President and CEO of Microsoft, JapanBased on the experience, they indicated that they wanted employees to think and realize how they can achieve the same results with 20% less work time.

Electricity consumption decreased by 23.1%

Microsoft's 3-day weekend trial in Japan, a 39.9% increase in productivity caused. This meant that employees needed to be more economical and more efficient in their time. It is important to note that many meetings were held in a shortened or remote period. Because Microsoft's offices in Japan remain free for 5 additional days, Electricity consumption decreased by 23.1%. Employees too 58.7% fewer pages printedThis means that a shorter work week can be beneficial for both people and the environment.

Although the 5-day work is being adopted around the world, the efficiency achieved by Microsoft's 4-day work in Japan could lead to a redesign of this period in the future. However, it should be mentioned that the functioning and stability in Japan and other countries are very different.

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