Microtransactions: Call of Duty is more lucrative than ever

Mikrotransaktionen: Call of Duty ist so lukrativ wie noch nie

Microtransactions: Call of Duty is more lucrative than ever
Image: Activision

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Activision has reached new heights of monetization. The shooter released without additional purchases is now being monetized in the best free-to-play style. Loud criticism in media and forums could not jeopardize the success.

Delaying microtransactions, and then slowly building them up with significant incentives to buy has proven to be a winning strategy. Above all, it is potentially apt to break reservations: players who have already invested time in a game are less likely to seek employment. This behavior can be explained psychologically: The invested time and invested money would have to be written off as a loss, which constitutes a considerable inhibition threshold.

This interpretation of numbers is supported. In the quarterly report for the second quarter Activision writes that the number of monthly active players has grown compared to the predecessor again, the number of hours had also increased by 50 percent. The balance sheets show that this “commitment” is suitable as a metric. Proceeds from the sale of in-game items are higher than at Call of Duty: WW2 in the same period. In the second quarter alone, Activision was able to earn $ 800 million in microtransactions. However, the company did not state how high the proportion of the shooter series fails. Top source of income remains according to quarterly report King (Candy Crush).

No change in sight

Activision will remain true to this trend for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Monetization information is not yet available. Activision CEO Robert Kotick told investors about the potential for further growth. COO Coddy Johnson sees as the key to the delivery of new content in higher numbers. The release of the Alcatraz Blackout card, as well as more frequent events for Black Ops 4, which kept the game fresh, would have led to improved deal engagement trends.

However, the higher number of live operations does not indicate a transition to a full service model, the Activision executive floor said. This role take Call of Duty: Mobile. On PC and consoles, regular reissues initially remain part of the strategy because they “provide our fans with new gaming experiences,” which in turn increase engagement. The releases are considered as a “refresher” of the brand, which should attract new players. So could the “Best of both worlds“Be united.

Continue as before

It is therefore expected that Modern Warfare will also offer a large number of aggressively advertised additional purchases this year. The abandonment of the Season Pass serves to make the community what activision sees as promotional: The community should be supported by new content and new ways to play. Microtransactions are, the statements suggest, more lucrative than DLC content.

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