Minecraft: Graphic update “Super Duper Graphics Pack” canceled [Notiz]

Minecraft: Grafik-Update „Super Duper Graphics Pack“ abgesagt

Minecraft: Graphic update
Image: Minecraft

The Super Duper Graphics Pack should give Minecraft a visual update and bring the game UHD textures. Now the developer makes clear that this update will not appear. Reason is the technical implementation, which proved too demanding for the game.

Update in another form possible

The pack was announced at E3 2017 and was designed to provide players with a visually enhanced Minecraft. After it was postponed until 2018 and it was also missing this year, Microsoft was already surprised at the community. Now the project is canceled and on Reddit users are relatively understandable about the demolition, albeit disappointed.

If the team does not continue to work on the graphical update, Mojang will continue to investigate the form in which the game can receive such an update. But until such an announcement is imminent, users will probably have to wait a bit longer. Until then, Minecraft will continue to look like before.

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