“More Fun, Less Grind”: Fortnite's Battle Pass becomes a full-time job

„Mehr Spaß, weniger Grind“: Fortnites Battle Pass wird ein Vollzeit-Job

Image: Epic Games

Epic promises more fun and less grind for Fortnite Season 2. The new Battle Pass and projections from users contradict this claim. In addition to all the challenges and punch cards, about 1,088 matches are needed to reach the highest level of the pass.

Because after level 7 80,000 experience points for each level in the new Battle Pass are scheduled. After deducting weekly challenges and punch cards, Level 100 lacks an additional 5.4 million experience points or 67 levels, which translates into an average game time of several hours a day.

This is a simple arithmetic example: With 5,000 experience points per match, which lasts 20 minutes, the income per hour is 15,000 experience points. 5.4 million points are missing, which in a runtime of ten weeks, so 70 days forced to earn around 78,000 points per day through pure gameplay, which takes about 5.2 hours – provided all the challenges and punch cards are done.

In forums, passing the passport is therefore compared to a full-time job; it is “ridiculous“Fans say that progress is minimal if you can not play every day. It is also noted that the entry is very easy, but then wait for a steep hurdle for more levels, the “terrible grind“Requires. In addition, the challenges would not be very different from those of the last pass, but now they have to be completed in fixed sets.

100, unless you have no life!

User “Ragnarok” on Reddit

The meaning is in profit

Such calculations do not include any experience point boosters that may be unlocked in the Battle Pass or donated as part of an event. The actual trick is here but by the comments in forums clear: There may be a way to reach the highest level with reasonable effort, but it will, if it exists, depend on the participation in actions or certain modes of play and thus indeed for every player available but not actually be viable for every player.

Psychologically, such a calming pill would be available to make harmless the grind, which was not reduced according to current knowledge, but increased. Because then you can simply buy missing levels for money – the actual goal of the new system. At the same time, having enough experience points at events would make Fortnite players a solid part of their daily schedule and constant attention. This form of “engagement” is not without reason a calculator of success, of live service offerings, because it encourages further purchases in the game.

Epic promises more fun and less grind
Epic promises more fun and less grind (Image: Epic Games)

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