Music streaming: Spotify Lite is only 10 MB instead of 30 MB

Musik-Streaming: Spotify Lite ist nur noch 10 MB statt 30 MB groß

Spotify now offers a completely redeveloped Lite app for Android with a reduced size of 10 MB. Thus, the music streaming provider wants to better position in markets with older smartphones and operating systems. Spotify Lite is not yet available in Germany. An iOS app will follow later.

Who calls Spotify Lite from Germany in the Google Play Store, receives the desktop error message that the app is compatible with any of their own devices. On the smartphone, however, it says, the article “is not available in your country“. Presumably, the app will soon download as an APK version despite the regional lock.

Focus on developing countries

The new Android app has been developed for currently 36 countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Spotify Lite has been reduced from just under 30 MB to just under 10 MB compared to the version offered in this country. The app has been redesigned from scratch, explains Kalle Persson, Senior Product Manager at Spotify. The music streaming provider has received feedback from numerous users around the globe for development. The app is aimed at users with limited memory and low bandwidth. Spotify Lite requires at least Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Spotify Lite can be installed independently of the regular version and used in the free and premium version. In terms of features, Spotify Lite should offer all the basic features of the “full version”, but in the mobile network is by default streamed with the lowest quality, which should save about 0.5 MB per song in data volume. Users also have the option to set a data volume limit in the app and to be notified when the limit is reached.

Further markets are to follow

In the coming months Spotify Lite is to be offered in further markets and for further devices, whereby so far not been announced, to which regions the app should be extended. Regarding an iOS app from Spotify Lite, the company said that while Android is currently the focus of development, but that in principle all platforms should be served.

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