My Word: A Colorful Word Game

Previously from different puzzle games I have mentioned. Now I'm going to talk about one of the word puzzle games. WordPress is a word puzzle game designed by Turkish developers. It can be called a blend of word games you see in stores.

The goal in the game is almost the same as playing hooked puzzles. Some parts of the words should be found connected to each other.

Kelimecim Playing with the Internet

The application does not need internet. It can be played comfortably at a time when your Internet package is not available or in a place where there is no Wi-Fi network. At the same time the game does not want any record. You're starting to play without downloading it.

You start by choosing one of the packages when starting the game. We have 6 pack including orange, green, red, purple, yellow and blue. Orange 128, Blue 250 pieces of puzzles. The rest of the packages contain 100 puzzles. Challenges increase as you level up.

Each section has fun and different vocabulary themes as well as informative words. You select a package and start playing and clicking on a word, you can see the hint of the word. You're trying to find out what that word is with the hint and the letters.

If you can't find the word, you can find it using the limited hints given by the game. If you run out of tips, don't worry, you can purchase tips if you wish or you can earn tips by watching ads.

Another feature of the application is that you can send the puzzle to a friend and ask if you can not find. When you try to find the words, you use the letters given below and you can mix the letters just like in the Kelimelik game.

You can also change the colors of the playing field. There are a lot of color options, and I think it's well thought-out.

Multiple Language Support!

I said I was a Turk. Of course we are starting the game in Turkish, but you can make the game in English or German. Even the application abroad “Wordivity” It can also be found by name and consists of different packages and words.

Such tactics have nice things from Turkey, I try not to forget to support me very proud, and as I mentioned in the previous article. If you like word games and puzzles like me and you want to support at the same time you can play by downloading the links below.

My Word: Free Word Game
My Word: Free Word Game
Wordivity - A Word Game
Wordivity - A Word Game

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